1. Creemore Kitchen

    Creemore, Ontario-based restaurant focused on seasonal, local good food.

    Gift Card, 3⅜" x 2⅛"

  1. Barred Owl

    Coloured Pencil, Acrylic Paint & Gouache on Paper.


    This piece was one of the most challenging bird pieces of my carrier, my focus was to show a full range of brown tones in the camouflage for the feathers.

    Original Framed, 24¼" x 17"

  1. Elstons Barristers & Solicitors

    A Collingwood, Ontario-based boutique barrister & solicitor specializing in public and private sector law.


    25 icons were crafted in order to visualize Elstons location and subject-based law. These were integrated into a filterable database of cases showing the eclecticism of the practise.

    • Accessory Apartments

    • Aggregate Extraction

    • Agricultural

    • Boathouses

    • Commercial Development

    • Condominium Development

    • Costs

    • Development Charges

    • Downtown BIA/CIP

    • Expropriation

    • Heritage Conservation

    • Industrial Development

    • Judicial Review

    • Leave to Appeal

    • Minor Variances

    • Motion to Dismiss

    • Niagara Escarpment

    • Official Plan Amendments

    • Plan of Subdivision

    • Recreational Development

    • Renewable Energy

    • Residential Development

    • Severances

    • Shopping Centre Development

    • Shoreline Development

    • Zoning By-law Amendments