1. Elstons Barristers & Solicitors

    A Collingwood, Ontario-based boutique barrister & solicitor specializing in public and private sector law.


    25 icons were crafted in order to visualize Elstons location and subject-based law. These were integrated into a filterable database of cases showing the eclecticism of the practise.

    • Accessory Apartments

    • Aggregate Extraction

    • Agricultural

    • Boathouses

    • Commercial Development

    • Condominium Development

    • Costs

    • Development Charges

    • Downtown BIA/CIP

    • Expropriation

    • Heritage Conservation

    • Industrial Development

    • Judicial Review

    • Leave to Appeal

    • Minor Variances

    • Motion to Dismiss

    • Niagara Escarpment

    • Official Plan Amendments

    • Plan of Subdivision

    • Recreational Development

    • Renewable Energy

    • Residential Development

    • Severances

    • Shopping Centre Development

    • Shoreline Development

    • Zoning By-law Amendments

  1. The Grapevine

    A Creemore, Ontario-based newsletter from the Purple Hills Arts and Heritage Society; a volunteer organization encouraging and sponsoring fine arts, music, drama, dance, literature and other artistic forms.

    Front Cover, 8½" x 11"

    Spread 1, 17" x 11"

    Spread 2, 17" x 11"

    Back Cover, 8½" x 11"

  1. Such Music: Case Study

    A Los Angeles, California-based forward thinking electronic music label came to us with an ambitious project; to create a new record label identity and all adjoining materials; print, web, & beyond.


    Round 1 of identity design (shown below) sees clean, custom typography paired with a modern masterpiece; Gotham by Hoefler & Co. in varying weights to contrast the heaviness & lightness of each concept.






    After some back & fourth relating to the typographic weight and colouring of Concept 2 (shown above), we expanded upon the initial concept to include an alternate identity where SUCH was spelt out in custom typography for more dynamic usage across offline and online applications.



    Identity: Alternate

    Identity: Alternate